Creekhead Bends Attract Nature Enthusiasts

Creekhead Bends, that links the two provinces from the steep slopes of the Onionli Mountain at an altitude of 3,500 metres between Bayburt and Trabzon and has been dubbed the “world’s most dangerous road,” fascinates nature and adrenaline fans. Creekhead Bends, which have been dubbed the “most dangerous road in the world,” are located between Bayburt and Trabzon and attract nature and adrenaline enthusiasts.

Natural phenomena such as avalanches and landslides quite often influence the road, which is famed to have been built by local people during the Russian occupation in 1914, especially in winter, while the fog, which is characteristic of the region, continues to impact the valley at the top of the Onionli Mountains.

Creekhead Bends Attracts Nature Enthusiasts

Derebasi Curves, deemed “the most dangerous road in the world” by, a website that promotes dangerous and challenging roads across the world, gives vehicles a hard time with steep cliffs and 13 tight bends that can’t be turned around in one go six years ago.

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Gümüşhane Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club (GÜDAK) members hiked the Creekhead Bends, which can be challenging for vehicles but have recently become a popular destination for nature and photography aficionados due to their natural beauty.

21 nature lovers from Bayburt and Gümüşhane converged in Bayburt’s Aydintepe district’s Dumlu village. The team began their journey here and eventually arrived at the Creekhead Bends, the “most perilous route in the world” that connects Bayburt and Trabzon. The crew continued walking for another 15 kilometres along the route, which was also impacted by severe fog and rain.

They routinely visit tourism routes in the region, according to GÜDAK President Mustafa Akbulut, which draw attention due to their natural beauty.

Creekhead Bends

This year’s programme, according to Akbulut, was The Creekhead Bends. This is one of the world’s most difficult roads. We’re on D 915 Highway, which is heavily travelled. Because it’s been used, it’s an extremely challenging course. It’s really difficult to get a second vehicle through here. We strongly encourage everyone to pay a visit to this location.

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One of the athletes, Fatma Cebeci, noted that despite the terrible weather conditions, they finished the course they intended and said:

“It was an extremely enjoyable activity. As you know, The Creekhead Bends is one of the toughest roads in the world. So I think it’s one of those places where other people should come and see it.”

lknur Olcay, who mentioned that he was visiting The Creekhead Bends for the first time, stated that despite the severe weather and physical conditions, they had a pleasant stroll.

One of the athletes, Furkan Ekerli, stated that they walk in a beautiful environment “When we come out of our comfort zone and come to such a place, we see people’s struggle with life. But it’s fun to get out of city life and spend time here.”

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