Çamlıca Hill Istanbul: A Point to have the best view of Istanbul

Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi (Brides Hill in English) is one of Istanbul’s seven hills and the city’s highest point. It is located in the district of Üsküdar in the Asian section of the city. Çamlıca Hill Istanbul, at 268 metres above sea level, provides a panoramic view of Istanbul, including both Bosphorus shores and the two bridges that unite Asia and Europe. On bright days, the Golden Horn and Sultanahmet can even be seen!

History of Çamlıca Hill

best view of Istanbul

During the Byzantine and Roman periods, this well-known hill flourished. Murat IV renovated the spring water supply and erected the first Summer Palace there during the Ottoman period. Mehmet IV continued the trend by constructing a hunting lodge. The hill was then entrusted to the leaders of the peregrine, hawk, and falcon breeders to use for training birds of prey.

The German Emperor directed the construction of a fountain as a present to the Sultan after rejecting to have a monument built here. Today, Sultanhamet Square is home to the German Fountain.

Things to do in Çamlıca Hill

Çamlıca Hill

Tourists and nature enthusiasts flock to Bride Hill (Big Camlica) to take in the breathtaking natural beauty and attractive views of Istanbul, which include the Bosphorus, the Princess Islands, the Eminonu Peninsula, and Uludag Mount. In the arms of beauty, visitors can cherish the most delicious local and foreign foods.

Visitors in Small Camlica can enjoy walking amid large pine trees, breathing fresh air, and relaxing in the arms of beautiful flowers. Aside from green areas, there are also playgrounds for children and grilling spots. Visitors and photographers can take advantage of the best photo opportunities.

It’s recommended to go on a clear day around sunset for the best visibility. This is without a doubt one of Istanbul’s best sunset sites. However, even on cloudy or wet days, Çamlıca Hill or Brides Hill provides spectacular views of Istanbul!

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How to Get to Çamlıca Hill

Çamlıca Hill Istanbul

Taking the bus 129T from Taksim and getting off at the Kskl bus stop is the easiest method to go to Çamlıca Hill. After that, expect a 15-20 minute difficult climb up the hill!

Taking the funicular from Taksim to Kabatas and then a ferry to Kadiköy is a more scenic method to go to amlca from Taksim. Take any of the following buses from Kadiköy and get out at the Kural stop: 14, 14F, or 14R. You’ll be in Çamlıca after a 10-minute hike up the hill!

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Information about Çamlıca Hill Istanbul

Here are a few pieces of information to locate or gain the essential insights regarding the Çamlıca Hill Istanbul.

Çamlıca Hill Location

It is situated in Uskudar, on the Asian side of Istanbul, on the Bosphorus coast. Big Camlica and Small Camlica are the two hills that make up Camlica.

The Bosphorus Bridge, the Black Sea, the Princes Islands, the Eminonu Peninsula, and Uludag Mount are all visible from Big Camlica, which is 267 metres above sea level. Camilca is a little town 229 metres above sea level with gardens, trees, and walking paths.

Çamlıca Hill Map

Çamlıca Hill Map

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