Botanical Park Istanbul reveals the secrets of nature

The Bakrköy Botanical Park, one of the best parks in Istanbul, is 96 thousand square metres in size. With 2 11.50 metres in height, the park, which opened in June 2013, is also home to Turkey’s tallest gaming towers. At the park’s entrance, you’ll be welcomed by talking dinosaur statues. Water park and play facilities, themed gardens, medicinal plants, kitchen and garden plants are just a few of the parts that aim to entertain and educate both children and adults. The energy needs of Bakrköy Botanical Park are totally met by wind generators and solar panels, which is a unique aspect of the park. The sound barrier has been surrounded by trees on both sides due to its location on the banks of the E-5 Highway.

Botanical Park Istanbul reveals the secrets of nature

Botanical parks are primarily designed to provide people with basic plant knowledge. Certain groups of plants are developed for this purpose, their names and Latin counterparts are written, and these plants are offered to park visitors. These plant groups are also represented in 11 thematic gardens at the Park.

The park contains hundreds of different tree, shrub, single-year, and perennial plant species, so you can satisfy your botanical interest by visiting these gardens. The Botanical Park’s flora are estimated to number over 262,500, with some of them being 40-50 year old trees. Aside from the Botanical Park segment, there are also children’s playgrounds, sculptures, natural ponds, ornamental pools, migrating bird waiting areas, picnic spots, and social facilities where you may have fun with your kids.

All of Bakrköy Botanical Park, one of the famous parks in Turkey, has been designed with the elderly and disabled in mind… Golf carts have been assigned to the disabled and elderly by the park authority. They can receive one for free and use it to visit the entire park. The park also has security officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep you and your children safe.

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How to Get to Bakırköy Botanical Park

Botanical Park

If you are travelling by car, individuals coming from the Anatolian Side of Istanbul should deviate in the direction of Bakrköy when they reach the Incirli road intersection, and Bakrköy Botanical Park will appear when they re-enter e5 in the opposite direction without going on the Incirli Road.

After Yenibosna, those coming from the hunters will notice the Copperville signs if they continue on the side roads. They will notice the green area on e5 and the sign for Bakrköy Botanical Park if they proceed.

Bakırköy Botanical Park Map

Bakırköy Botanical Park Map

Bakırköy Botanical Park Visiting Information

Visiting Hours: The Park opens at 7:00 a.m. for those interested in visiting. It is open until 23:00 in the evening. You are welcome to visit during these hours.

Entrance Fee: The Park is open to the public and is fully free of charge. Near the park, there is private parking. You can park your car for free here as well.

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