Bosphorus Bridge: Turkey Bridge connecting Europe Asia

Turkey Bridge connecting Europe Asia

It is recognized about Istanbul city its crucial site that connects European continent with Asian Continent through the Bosphorus Bridge. This position is such an essential one because all items coming from Asia and Middle East toward Europe must pass through Istanbul city not to add that it sits on the world’s famed silk route that starts from china and ends up in Europe. Therefore, in Istanbul, if not in Turkey, the Bosphore Rim is certainly the most significant region.

Historical Background

Turkey Bridge connecting Europe Asia

The Bosphorus Bridge, renowned as the “Bogazici Koprusu” in the Turkish, is formally named the “15th of July Martyrs” Bridge, or “15st of Temmuz Koprusu.” Built between these three bridges, the Bosphorus Bridge was the first bridge. It is essentially a 1,500 metres long and 34 metres broad gravity-based suspension bridge. Indeed, the fourth suspension bridge in the world, the first outside the USA, was constructed in 1973 and shows what wonderful work had been done for building this bridge. Their stats show how much they had done.

Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Bridge Turkey Bridge connecting Europe Asia

As far as the Bosphorus Bridge length is concerned, as already mentioned, is 1500 metres long and 34 metres broad and comprises 8 paths, of which two are utilised for emergencies. This bridge, albeit only for a traffic junction from Istanbul on the Asian side, is considered to be a toll bridge. Non-bridge commercial vehicles and about 170,000 vehicles use the bridge on a daily basis are not permitted.

The Intercontinental Marathon is organised every October of the year and individuals take part in this marathon, running across the bosphorus Bridge from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian side. Then the bridge closes for vehicle on the day of the marathon and opens for those who take benefit of the marathon to watch and snap some photos for several minutes.

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The tennish star Venus Williams played an exhibition with the famous Turkish player Ipek Senoglu on 15 May 2005, especially at 7 a.m. One of the amusing things that ever took place on the Bosphorus Bridge. It was one of the most exciting shows of the game, and till now it is recalled.

Bosphorus Bridge Neighborhood

Bosphorus Bridge Turkey Bridge connecting Europe Asia (2)

One of the most gorgeous sites in the world is the area around the Bosphorus Bridge. There are the most famous monuments of the city, including the large palace Dolmabahce, which for many years was a residential sculpture for Sultans and leaders, and the famous mosque of Ortakoy, which overlooks the Bosporus, where people used to spend hours praying and shopping from a local market, or the big Istanbul castle built to protect the city from the invasion.

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Needless to say, the breathtaking natural sights spread throughout Asia and Europe like green trees, colourful flowers and plants, the houses that are built in the hill and on top of all that stand near the waters of the Bosphorus stream, create a charming image, which in your entire life you won’t miss.

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