A Glance of Upcoming Beyoglu Culture Route Festival

You will have remarkable experiences thanks to this distinctive art, culture, and entertainment event, which runs from October 30 to November 14 every two years. Istanbul’s “Beyoglu Culture Route Festival,” which is one of the few tourist destinations in the world, begins at the Atatürk Cultural Center and travels to Gezi Park, Taksim Mosque, the historic Taksim Maksim Casino, the advanced technical school for women known as Refia vüç Olgunlaşma Enstitüsü, Grand Pera, Emek Stage, Atlas Cinema, Garibaldi Stage, St. Antuan Church, Odaku.

A Glance of Upcoming Beyoglu Culture Route Festival

Beyoglu Culture Route Festival, which is a must-attend event for anyone who yearns for cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities during the pandemic, offers a wide range of engaging, educational, and enjoyable activities, including works by contemporary artists and university students, classical and contemporary arts, digital arts, cinema, literature, music, dance, and more.

At Beyoglu Culture Route Festival, you can enjoy the Artificial Intelligence Piano, which creates real-time images, at the Ataturk Cultural Center, enjoy a Murat Dalklç concert in Gezi Park, and enjoy a play at the Tark Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center with your loved ones.

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Beyoglu Culture Route Festival

With its tangible and intangible efforts, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been protecting and safeguarding cultural heritage as a whole. These efforts are exhibited to the globe through the numerous significant strategic events that take place throughout the year. Among these occasions, a two-week festival was organised last year in Istanbul’s Beyolu, which has long served as the hub of the vibrant artistic community in the city.

The Beyoglu Cultural Route Festival’s array of cultural activities adds energy to this well-liked neighbourhood. This festival is a must-attend celebration of Beyoglu’s distinctive traditions and values. The renovation and fresh investments in this unique district of Istanbul are also on display through free entertainment, workshops, and exhibitions.

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