The Must-Visit Best Cites in Northern Turkey


A ray of sunshine has spotlighted the Northern Turkey, bringing natural beauty to all of its cities. This sentence can be used to describe the various tourist attractions, which include green hills, natural lakes, quiet forests, farms, waterfalls, and breathtaking parks and gardens, making it one of the best cites in Northern Turkey for tourists who prefer to spend their nights away from the stress and bustle of cities.



Samsun is a popular tourist resort on the Turkish Black Sea coast, where visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty and warm environment. It has many natural wonders, including forests, plains, and a gorgeous sea. Samsun is home to a number of tourist sites, including the Samsun Museum of History and Ethnography, which allows visitors to see the ruins of ancient civilisations that had flourished there hundreds of years ago.

Another place where tourists can witness more than 150 species of birds is the Birds’ Heaven field. With 21.000 m2 and a length of 15 km, the field is the second-largest in Turkey and the third-largest in the world, and it is home to migrant birds from Siberia.

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Ayder Best Cities in Northern Turkey

Ayder is a village in Rize that is 1350 metres above sea level and is one of the most popular tourist attractions because of its lovely beauty, Turkish spas, and hot water springs that are used to treat rheumatism and other skin ailments. Tourists will have the opportunity to relax in the arms of nature, purchase Turkish honey, and sample Ayder’s famous pastries and delights.

Sultan Murad Heights

Sultan Murad Heights

Sultan Murat Heights, positioned in western Trabzon at 2200 metres above sea level, is a picturesque site that attracts a large number of tourists each year. Sultan Murad IV came to the area and stayed there with his troops, giving it its name. Tourists from all around the world are flocking to the heights to take in the breath-taking vistas from above. Clouds and mild animals like gazelles and squirrels appeal to them.


Ordu Best Cities in Northern Turkey

Tranquillity seekers will find Ordu to be the finest place, thanks to its gorgeous mountains and nice green meadows that bring peace of mind. You will see snatching views and grabbing heart landscapes wherever you go in Ordu – one of the best cites in Northern Turkey. The amount of facilities in Ordu makes tourism comfortable and gorgeous; it has a variety of hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping complexes.

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