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Istanbul Ephesus day tour

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: 250€

Daily Departure All Year Round
Early morning pick up from the hotel or port and trasfer to airport for one hour flight to Izmir, Upon arrival to Izmire transfer to Selcuk for day tour to Ephesus ancient city, House of Virgin Mary and Temple of Artemis. By the end of tour transfer airport for one hour flight back to Istanbul and transfer to hotel or port.

Temple of Artemis
The Celsius Library
House of the Virgin Mary


Istanbul Ephesus day tour


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Istanbul-Izmir by plane and daily Ephesus Ancient City, House of Virgin Mary and Temple of Artemis  tour.

05:00 a.m pick up from the hotel and transfer to the airport for one hour flight to Izmir. Upon arrival in Izmir we will meet you at the airport with your name and transfer to our office in Selcuk town. 09:30 a.m depart for a full day Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary and Temple of Artemis tour.

You will see: Temple of Artemis (one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World). One of the biggest Amphitheater, the Celsius Library which is still alive, a lot of amazing ruins left from an ancient city, House of the Virgin Mary, her last dwelling.

Period of Greek migrations

 Site of the Temple of Artemis in the town of Selçuk, near Ephesus.

Ephesus was founded as an Attic-Ionian colony in the 10th century BC on the Ayasuluk Hill, three kilometers (1.9 miles) from the centre of ancient Ephesus (as attested by excavations at the Seljuk castle during the 1990s). The mythical founder of the city was a prince of Athens named Androklos, who had to leave his country after the death of his father, King Kadros. According to the legend, he founded Ephesus on the place where the oracle of Delphi became reality (“A fish and a boar will show you the way”). Androklos drove away most of the native Carian and Lelegian inhabitants of the city and united his people with the remainder. He was a successful warrior, and as a king he was able to join the twelve cities of Ionia together into the Ionian League. During his reign the city began to prosper. He died in a battle against the Carians when he came to the aid of Priene, another city of the Ionian League. Androklos and his dog are depicted on the Hadrian temple frieze, dating from the 2nd century. Later, Greek historians such as Pausanias, Strabo and Herodotos and the poet Kallinos reassigned the city’s mythological foundation to Ephos, queen of the Amazons.

The Greek goddess Artemis and the great Anatolian goddess Kybele were identified together as Artemis of Ephesus. The many-breasted “Lady of Ephesus”, identified with Artemis, was venerated in the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the largest building of the ancient world according to Pausanias (4.31.8). Pausanias mentions that the temple was built by Ephesus, son of the river god Caystrus,  before the arrival of the Ionians. Of this structure, scarcely a trace remains.

End of the tour around 5pm and transfer to airport for one hour flight back to Istanbul  upon arrival to Istanbul we will meet you at the airport with your name and transfer back to hotel or port 

Included :
  • Round trip flight with taxes
  • All airport transfers
  • Day tour (Professional tour guide, lunch, transportation (max 15 pax) and all entrance fees.
  • Vegeterian Meals available
Excluding : 
  • Drinks
  • Dinner
  • Tips

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This price is calculated according to a small travel group. If  You  are 5 or more people please inform us, so we can make a special offer suitable for families and big groups of travellers. We can arrange this group tour privately  upon your request. To reserve any of our daily tours in Istanbul you don’t need to pay any money in advance, we just need your full name and  accommodation details (Hotel name and room number) at least maximum 24 hours before arriving. Also, you can pay selected tour by card or cash.